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ISRAEL, God’s  Witness ! 
The inspiration for the writing of this booklet came from hearing, Benyamin Netanyahu's impassioned oratory when he was in Australia. He said that the greatest weapon we have against anti-Semitism, is the truth. He challenged us not to be silent, and to make known by word, writing, or through the media, the truth about Israel. The challenge was taken up, and the result is this booklet. Originally, it was destined to shed light amongst the secular community, and also the Christian Church, where many are being led into error by the media. As time passed, it was realized that many Jewish people themselves were in need of understanding the truth of the Scriptures. The Jewish people are perceived as "the people of the book," even so, it became evident that many have not even read the book for which they are renowned! We all urgently need to know the hour in which we are living. May we have faith to believe in God's unshakeable promises to Israel, which no manmade, national, nor governmental resolutions can ever annul!


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